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How to Keep Your Socks Last Longer

Photo by @williamdavidson___ We all have experienced wearing a sock that has a hole, at least once in our lives. Socks are kind of having it rough: you walk in them for hours, you run in them, and they keep getting friction. That is why we want to share to you how to keep them last longer. TURN YOUR SOCKS INSIDE OUT This kind of applies to most - if not all - of your clothing items. By turning your socks inside out, the outside part will then receive less friction - which means less damage. PUT YOUR SOCKS IN A LAUNDRY BAG. You can get laundry bags from your nearest supermarket. Even better, you can put them in a microfibre...

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How to Limit Your Plastic Use & Waste

Plastic was probably one of the groundbreaking inventions back then when it was first founded. It's durable and cheap. But as years go by, we all know that they're really bad for the environment. They're especially bad for the ocean and the wildlife. In celebration of plastic-free July, we thought we want to share some tips on how to reduce your plastic waste. Here we go:

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5 Ways to Shop and Dress More Consciously

Photo by: Teona Swift via Pexels Can you believe that what you wear matters? That the t-shirt you wear today has an effect on someone, somewhere on the other side of the world? That the choice you make when you hit the "add to cart" button could change someone's life and the environment? If you are here reading this, chances are you are aware or know of the sustainability and ethics of fashion. Or maybe you want to learn more? I have summarised 5 easy ways for you so you can shop and dress more consciously: 1. CHECK THE MATERIALS Natural fibres (e.g. cotton, hemp, linen etc) are your best bet, cos they are biodegradable. It’ll be even better if...

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