About us

KIYO is a label that focuses on sustainably and ethically made socks. Created by Sharin & Thanh, it was born from the love for design and for our planet along with the people that live in it.

Sharin is a motion designer who essentially loves anything design and art. She is a self-proclaimed minimalist (nothing extreme!), who appreciates experience more than material things. She has always been passionate about climate change and social issues since she was a teenager. Though an introvert, she is finding her own way to be more vocal about these issues. She is hoping she can make the world a bit better, one pair of socks at a time.

Thanh is a tech-savvy guy who is always keen to expand his knowledge. He has a special interest in design, food, and culture. He is always up to try something new. Ever since he learned about slow fashion, he has been trying to dive deeper into it. He is a passionate learner when it comes to things he cares about. The socks idea initially came from his obsession with wearing novelty socks.

Together, Sharin and Thanh bounce ideas and insights off of each other. From there, KIYO was born.


Using her knowledge in design & art, Sharin digitally hand-drawn all of the designs personally, with inputs and feedback from Thanh. As much as we love crazy socks designs, we want to keep ours minimal yet still daring in its own way.


For our products, we manufacture responsibly from Indonesia - which is essentially Sharin’s home country. Growing up in Indonesia, Sharin has seen a huge wealth and social gap in the society. So we want to make sure we are doing the production responsibly and work with manufacturers that treat their workers fairly.

To learn more about the sustainability and ethics of our manufacturers in Indonesia, go here.